Web-log: March 8, 2017

Morning Reading

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My translation:

How can I hand you over, Ephraim?
How can I deliver you [up for destruction] Israel?
How can I hand you over like Admah?
How can I do to you like Zeboiim? 

My heart turns on me
All my affections run hot

I will not act in burning anger
I will not turn to destroy Ephraim
For I am God
And I am not man
I am the holy one in your midst
I will not rage


I was able to clear away my books. It was again a satisfying day, two in a row. These are the small victories I celebrate. I scanned somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 pages, but this will be necessary, as I don’t yet know where home will be in June. I can’t continue to make weekly library trips if I am living in Iowa. I suppose this is why morning goals feel so important right now. I spent most of the day deciding what I will need and getting about 15-20 pdfs saved into appropriate folders. But, since I met my goal, it was a good day.

The Set Up

I’ve had my morning eggs, bacon and coffee. No one else has come down with norovirus. I’m primed for a big day. Today, I return again to the dissertation chapter 3, trying disparately to get it sent off to my mentor. I have my “Fall Into Autumn” candle burning, Gregory Porter coming through the speakers, and my Robert Farrar Capon poster on the wall to inspire me to being an amateur today. It reminds me of my responsibility to cultivate a certain way of seeing in the world, one that fully appreciates God’s creative wisdom and love.

2017-03-08 09.36.28 am.png

The Plan

Finish Chapter 3.



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