Web-log, March 7, 2017


It was a good day as far as these days go. I achieved my goal of clearing my editing responsibilities for the latest issue. When I say this, obviously, I don’t mean it. But, I mean that I satisfied that nagging part of my conscience that couldn’t allow me to go a day longer without as much done as could be done yesterday. So, it was a good day.

The Set Up

I’m in the library pretending that I don’t see anyone I know in the hopes that I can get my books returned, scanned, and annotated without spending time in conversation. Do you see what a PhD does to you? Right now I’d pretend I didn’t know my own mother if it would save me a few minutes. I’m got the headphones in place with nothing playing, and I’m ready to take notes on Dennis Des Chene’s Life’s Form.

The Plan

(1) Get these other regional libraries off my back about overdue books. (The books wouldn’t be overdue if you’d let me renew them. And I wouldn’t have to request them from you if my institution would invest some resources in medieval theology and philosophy.) This will probably involve scanning as many as 500 pages to pdf.

(2) Take notes on Des Chene so that I can turn it in only a week and a half late (I wonder how many people in America have taken detailed notes of this book?).

2 thoughts on “Web-log, March 7, 2017”

  1. Don’t be concerned your own mother pretended she didn’t know you at times 🙂

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