Transitional Counseling & Church Consulting

Matthew A. LaPine, PhD

My research and writing explores the biblical and theological framework within which we can appreciate contributions of neuroscience and psychology. My goal is to help Christians understand the mental health challenges they face both from a theological and physiological perspective. I offer short term non-licensed transitional counseling for Christians looking for the next steps or consulting for pastors and churches seeking to help them.

I’m grateful for the time you’ve spent in dusty attics – sifting through boxes and shooing away rodents – so that we can climb up the ladder and find the things we need to hold on to. I’m grateful for the miles you’ve put on your car – driving down dead-end roads and being stranded with flat tires – so that we can have some directions to get where we’re going safely. You never once made me feel guilty or strange or hopeless for being afraid. You held my vulnerability in a way that didn’t produce shame. You have taught me about community and suffering and humility and union with Christ. You’ve taught me to be gentler with myself and with others."

What Aquinas Can Teach Us About Shepherding Sufferers

The Logic of the Body

Embodying the Kingdom

Our cloud of witnesses are those who walk alongside us sharing suffering and joy. We share suffering by the slow process of imagining what it is like to suffer mental illness. And by sharing the suffering in this way we can help sufferers to entrust themselves to the author and perfecter of our faith (Heb 12:2). In return sufferers can teach us to be poor in spirit. We teach each other to see the story that we are living with the eyes of faith.

Matthew LaPine, "Embodying the Kingdom While Facing Mental Health Challenges"

Photo by Josue Escoto on Unsplash