Web-log, March 9, 2017

Morning Reading

Hosea 10:10-11

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My translation:

They will follow YHWH
Like a roaring lion-for he will roar
And his sons will tremble coming from west

They will tremble
as birds coming from Egypt
and as doves from the land of Assyria
And they will be settled in their homes
Declares YHWH


I was able to dedicate the day to one task, dissertation. And I was pleased with the progress I made. However, I’m still not done with chapter 3. This chapter is a bit like untying the Gordian knot for me. I’ve planned and re-planned the various sections and I still find myself moving stuff around and adding explanation. I’m up over 14,000 words at the moment. Matthew Levering told me that he would look over it, and that he looked forward to receiving my email. He may rue these words.

I did receive word again yesterday from the third job in a row, “thanks but no thanks,” without even a phone call. I’ll need to avoid this thought today by staying logged out of email.

Set Up

IMG_6163.JPGToday I’m holed up in the “green room” at Crossway Community Church. This is very strange since the room isn’t green and there is another room that is. This “room” a transitional space between the stage and the back hall which seems to have very marginal heat. But it’s quiet and I have access to a coffee pot and bathrooms. In fact, I have the baptismal bathroom about ten feet away. So, I’m happy and ready to go. I also am using for the first time today, my new $6 monitor from Goodwill–a very nice score.


  1. Clear away one book review task
  2. Finish chapter 3
  3. (Try not to think about the job search)

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