Warfield on Inerrancy

“This is a rather serious arraignment of the common sense of the whole series of preceding generations. What! Are we to believe that no man until our wonderful nineteenth century, ever had acumen enough to detect a printer’s error or to realize the liability of hand-copied manuscripts to occasional corruption? Are we really to believe that the happy possessors of ‘the Wicked Bible’ held ‘thou shalt commit adultery’ to be divinely ‘inerrant’ as the genuine text of the seventh commandment–on the ground that the ‘inerrancy of the original autographs of the Holy Scriptures’ must not be asserted ‘as distinguished from the Holy Scriptures which we now possess’? … Of course, every man of common sense from the beginning of the world has recognized the difference between the genuine text and the errors of transmission, and has attached his confidence to the former in rejection of the latter.”

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