Reflections on Psalm 140

Ps 1401 Rescue me, LORD, from evil men.Keep me safe from violent men2 who plan evil in their hearts.They stir up wars all day long.3 They make their tonguesas sharp as a snake’s bite;viper’s venom is under their lips. Throughout the chapter these evil men are called violent and slanderers. It is their thoughts, words, …

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Quotable: Warfield, on Jesus Rage

“Why did the sight of the wailing Mary and her companions enrage Jesus? Certainly not because of the extreme violence of its expression; and even more certainly not because it argued unbelief—unwillingness to submit to God’s providential ordering or distrust of Jesus’ power to save. He himself wept, if with less violence yet in true …

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Lamentations, 2:7-12

Given into the hands of the enemy The Lord has forsaken his altar—abhorred his sanctuary And they give shouts of celebration, absurdly In YHWH’s house, as in the day of festival He decided to shred the breastworks of daughter Zion YHWH set a line to survey their ruin, planned their fall He did not withdraw …

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