Confrontation, Not Tactics

David Wells explains the problem with undiscerning adaptation.

Seeing how this spiritual search is both contemporary and ancient is really the key to understanding how to think about it from a Christian point of view. To put the matter succinctly: those who see only the contemporaneity of this spirituality — and who, typically, yearn to be seen as being contemporary — usually make tactical maneuvers to win a hearing for their Christian views; those who see its underlying worldview will not. Inevitably, those enamored by its contemporaneity will find that with each new tactical repositioning they are drawn irresistibly into the vortex of what they think is merely contemporary but what, in actual fact, also has the pwer to contaminate their faith. What they should be doing is thinking strategically, not tactically. To understand that beneath many contemporary styles, tastes, and habits there are also encountered rival worldviews. When rival worldviews are in play, it is not adaptation that is called for but confrontation: connitive kind which holds forth “the truth in love” (Eph. 4:15).”
David Wells, Above All Earthly Powers (italics his, bold mine)

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