3 thoughts on “Graphing the History of Philosophy”

  1. Jordan Daggett

    It is interesting to see that there are no direct lines of connection between the “Bible” (upper right diagonal from Plontinus) and “Augustine of Hippo”. Apparently scholars need to do a little historical revision… Oh and lest we forget Stefan Molyneux has most direct influence on the history of philosophy than scripture…go figure. 🙂 Maybe this graph is a better representation of philosophical influence is today’s society than its historical development. Of course maybe if I write an article in Wikipedia and connect with every major name in the history of philosophy I, myself could become one the great influences in the post post-modern arena of Western Philosophy. Finally my place in hagiography… (I had to have a little fun with this one.) But seriously it is interesting and it looks like there are legitimate influences in the graph. Not surprised with Kant.

  2. Nice observation. Yes, I imagine that there quite a few problems like that! For instance, Michael Polanyi seems not to have made the chart. For shame. Yet, I think that it gives a generally fair account of things. I was a bit surprised by Noam Chomsky. He’s apparently kind of a big deal.

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