Quotable: Robert Farrar Capon

“The world…needs all the lovers–amateurs–it can get. It is a gorgeous old place, full of clownish graces and beautiful drolleries, and it has enough textures, tastes, and smells to keep us intrigued for more time than we have. Unfortunately, however, our response to its loveliness is not always delight; it is, far more often than it should be, boredom. And that is not only odd, it is tragic; for boredom is not neutral–it is the fertilizing principle of unloveliness. In such a situation, the amateur–the lover, the man who thinks heedlessness is a sin and boredom a heresy–is just the man you need. …The real world is indeed the mother of loveliness, the womb and matrix in which it is conceived and nurtured; but the loving eye…is the father of it. The graces of the world are the looks of a woman in love; without the woman they could not be there at all; but without her lover, they would not quicken into loviness. There then, is the role of the amateur: to look the world back to grace. …Man’s real work is to look at the things of the world and to love them for what they are. That is, after all, what God does, and man was not made in God’s image for nothing. The fruits of his attention can be seen in all the arts, crafts, and sciences.”

Robert Farrar Capon, The Supper of the Lamb

ht Esther Meek

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