Naulty, a True Confession

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With all the news about Pettitte and Clemons it’s disappointing to see Pettitte, a professing Christian, to give this sort of apology.

If what I did was an error in judgment on my part, I apologize.

From the bottom of my heart, I know why I did this. I didn’t do it to try to get an edge on anyone, I didn’t do it to try to get stronger, faster or to throw harder. I did it because I was told that it might be able to help me. That’s for other people to decide. If people think I’m lying then they should call me a cheater. Do I think I’m a cheater? I don’t. God knows my heart.

God knowing anyone’s heart isn’t good news…
Compare this with the words of Dan Naulty, twins reliever in the 90’s:

“I stole people’s jobs,” said Naulty, who now lives in Colorado. “That’s the part for me that was so wrong. I have to explain to my boys that I took people’s jobs by cheating, and that penetrated my soul a number of years ago and still haunts me today.”

From the Star Tribune

Now the consequences mean more to Naulty, a former Twins pitcher who spent 1996-99 in the majors. The mental snapshot that pops up the most: the sight of Mike Trombley packing his bags in 1996 after being a late spring training cut.

Naulty cheated his way onto the team while the popular and hard-working Trombley was misty-eyed over barely missing the cut.

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