Maxed Out

Look past the propaganda and this is a powerful film. I think people should realize that God is neither a liberal or a conservative. But that’s beside the point. This film is a must see for those in pastoral ministry. I think the sobering thought for me especially was watching this movie in light of what I’ve been studying in Romans. I don’t think I’ll ever be in the position of some of these people. I’m too smart and too disciplined for that. Yet, I’m not a better person. I’m the guy in Romans 2. The Bible says I need to flee my good works and bad ones and run to Christ.

The most powerful line in the whole movie was when an older woman who was loosing her house to foreclosure was asked if she ever contemplated suicide and she said something like this:

“I have. But I would never do anything like that too my kids. I mean when I come to a stop light, you think, should I just keep going? But I wouldn’t do that to my kids. Even if they would think it was an accident, never know the truth. I just never could…”

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