"The Secret"

Challies reviews “The Secret”

You need to read the philosophy behind this. Fascinating stuff, but no secret; people have been living this way for years. The secret to having money is below. Take notes…

To become a powerful money magnet:

* Money Be clear about the amount of money you want to receive. State it and intend it!
* (not how much you can earn, but how much you want to receive).
* Fall in love with money.
* (most people do not love money, because they don’t have enough of it).
* Visualize and imagine yourself spending all the money you want, as though you have it already.
* Speak, act and think from the mindset of being wealthy now.
* (eliminate thoughts and words of lack such as “I can’t afford it”, “It is too expensive”.
* Do not speak or think of the lack of money for a single second.
* Be grateful for the money you have. Appreciate it as you touch it.
* Make lists of all the things you will buy with an abundance of money.
* Do whatever it takes for you to feel wealthy.
* Affirm to yourself every day that you have an abundance of money, and that it comes to you effortlessly.
* Appreciate all the riches around you, including the riches of others. Look for wealth wherever you go, and appreciate it.
* Be certain that money is coming to you.
* Love yourself and know that you are deserving and worthy of an abundance of money.
* Remind yourself everyday that you are a money magnet, and ask yourself often during the day, am I attracting money now or pushing it away with my thoughts.
* Always, always pay yourself first from your wage, then pay your creditors.
* (in that single act, you are telling the Universe that you are worthy and deserving of more).
* Repeat over and over every day, “I am a money magnet and money comes to me effortlessly and easily”.
* Write out a check to yourself for the sum of money you would like to have and carry it in your wallet. Look at it often.
* Do whatever it takes to feel good. The emotions of joy and happiness are powerful money magnets. Be happy now!
* Love yourself!

Wealth is a mindset.
Money is literally attracted to you or
repelled from you. It’s all about how you think.

SNL gets it right:

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