5 thoughts on “Two Fiction Recommendations”

  1. Both are amazing, excellent books.The Silmarillion is actually five books in one, or five stories in one, rather. It talks about the creation of Middle-Earth (my personal favorite, called Ainulindale), a description of the deities (Valaquenta), The forging of the silmarils (Quenta Silmarillion), and the downfall of Numenor (Akallabeth, would make a great movie!), and a fifth parth that talks about the Rings of Power. Anyway, it’s a good read, but really tough and hard to get through. Especially Ainulinadle and Valaquenta are interesting to read. You can’t consider them a Christian allegory, since Tolkien despised allegories, but his Christianity definitely comes through.”That Hideous Strength” is amazing, too. If I recall correctly, it’s the last of his Space Trilogy. I think Lewis had some fun playing around with the Arthurian mythology.Enjoy! They’re great reading, unless of course you have homework to be doing . . .

  2. a little follow up…That Hideous Strength is definately far out. But I love it. I love it because Lewis has a way of painting his allegory beautifully and then expressing his point with a hard hitting explanation. An example:”Both were young, and if neither loved very much each was still anxious to be admired.”

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