Trueman on “Tragic Worship”

The problem with much Christian worship in the contemporary world, Catholic and Protestant alike, is not that it is too entertaining but that it is not entertaining enough. Worship characterized by upbeat rock music, stand-up comedy, beautiful people taking center stage, and a certain amount of Hallmark Channel sentimentality neglects one classic form of entertainment, …

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Leeds on Finance: Imaginary Trust Funds

For the past two weeks, I had been preparing a bombshell to drop on Jenny. I had spent a lot of time meeting with accountants to put the information together. On Friday, I finally worked up the nerve and I sat her down to break the news. As best as I remember it, I said, …

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Tragedy and other bits

I think one of the characteristics that draws me to Russian novels is tragedy-the unfolding of disastrous events as a result of well intentioned choices, stories where there is no concrete villain. Ross Douthat thinks Americans don’t get tragedy and it impacts our politics. Americans believe in evil, but we’re uncomfortable with tragedy. We accept …

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