Quotable: Michael Rosenberg

Michael Rosenberg:

“What I find remarkable is that, if all of this is true, the under-the-table payments are what would upset people the most. I mean, yes, it is against NCAA rules. But in any other segment of society, if a college kid found a way to use his talents to bring in money to support his father’s church, he would be a hero. There would be glowing newspaper profiles and probably a few humanitarian awards. If a kid does it in college football, he’s a villain.”

This is asinine.

NCAA Tournament Stat Guide

My brother in laws and I have a running joke where we are assessed various ‘nerd points’ for knowing things we shouldn’t know like the different varieties of Holsteins… (a sentance like that one is a great set up for a nerd point because Korey would most assuredly jump in to point out that Holstein is in fact a variety of cattle itself). I think you get the drift. At any rate, this would surely qualify for at least a few nerd points were it not sports related (perhaps anyway).

NCAA Tournament Stat Guide