What Pilate Said One Midnight

Upon request, this is a link back to my post: What Pilate Said to Gaius. Ravi Zacharias read this in a sermon, and it is a powerful illustration. I did fix the link at the end: “read on” so you can click it to get to my copy of the manuscript.

I did find after I posted that link that the portion is adapted from a sermon titled “What Pilate Said One Midnight” by Frederick Speakman. It is included in the book The Twentieth Century Pulpit available on Amazon.com.

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"What Pilate Said to Gaius"

Those of you who listen to Ravi Zacharias regularly might recognize this. This is unattributed; but from what I know it’s a portion of an old sermon called “What Pilate Said to Gaius.” We all will do well to remember that Christ’s birth was merely the precursor to his death, the real gift. I hope the blessedness of the cross is in your minds as you go through this holiday season.

It suddenly closed in on me Gaius, the impact of how trapped I was. The proud arm of Rome with all its boast of justice was to be but a dirty dagger in the pudgy hands of the priest. I was waiting in the room, Gaius, the one I use for court, officially enthroned with cloak and guard when they let this Jesus in. Well Gaius, don’t smile at this, as you value your jaw, but I have had no peace since the day he walked into my judgment hall. It’s been years but these scenes I read from the back of my eyelids every night.

You have seen Caesar haven’t you? When he was young and strapping inspecting the legion. His arrogant manner was child like compared to that of the Nazarene. He didn’t have to strut, you see. He walked toward my throne; arms bound but with a strident mastery and control that by its very audacity silenced the room for an instant and left me trembling with an insane desire to stand up and salute.” Read On

Ravi Zacharias’s sermon

Are We in a Crisis?

You may have never heard of Pastor “Chuck” De Cleene. I think he probably prefer it that way. In spite of that, I’d like to introduce him to you, not to glorify the man but because he has a message. Pastor De Cleene asks the question, “Are we in a crisis?” Have we lost a passion for making disciples, the one crucial command recorded by Matthew of Christ’s post-resurrection ministry? As I heard this message this morning I prayed, “Lord give me a heart for what you desire.” I pray the same for you.

The Morning Session, by Chuck De Cleene from FBBC’s Bible Conference The Power of God Unto Salvation: Click to Download
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