Why I Stress Perseverance

It sounds like you are protecting free grace to say that works are not necessary as an evidence of new birth, but it actually destroys free grace. This is true because it removes the necessary continuation of faith in God for internal transformation as a result of justification. One who believes that faith is a once-for-all activity will see no need for it to continue. But those who are dead earnest about continuing in faith and its results as the evidence of their justification will see faith as the absolutely necessary for the confirmation of their election and the assurance that God is absolutely for them! (cf. Romans 8)

Grace without Change?

If You Can’t Defeat ’em, Distort ’em
Sometimes scholarship rivals politics for warped renderings of the opponent. Consider this from Etienne Gilson, a Roman Catholic historian of philosophy:

For the first time, with the Reformation, there appeared this conception of a grace that saved a man without changing him, of a justice that redeems corrupted nature without restoring it, of a Christ who pardons the sinner for self-inflicted wounds but does not heal them. (The Spirit of Medieval Philosophy, 421)

How desperately some want to believe that justification by faith is cut off from holiness and is powerless to produce love. Michael Horton counters, “In actual fact, there are no Protestant accounts of this kind, at least of which I am aware” (Covenant and Salvation, 243).