The Varieties of Imagination

“There is a conceptual imagination, a moral imagination, an imagination of the heart; there is, thank Cod, a ludic imagination, a playful imagination which helps us to bear the responsibilities of all the rest. There is the imagination of order and form. Al-Farabi and the mediaeval Arabs, Dante, Tasso, Matthew Arnold, I. A. Richards were …

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Descartes’ Discourse on Method

Descartes’ Discourse on Method, Clearly and Distinctly Summarized Content Once upon a time in a century not too distant from our own, there lived a man named René Descartes who put forward his “paths” to knowing as if in a “fable” encouraging men to follow his trail. This Descartes lived in a world where all …

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Quotable: Amélie Oksenberg Rorty, “the mind changed”

This is one of those paragraphs that states clearly a growing poorly defined awareness I have had I as have read philosophical and theological sources that there is a seismic shift in the nature of the mind and reason, which most theologians pass over in speaking of the nature or authority of reason. This change is …

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