What Pilate Said One Midnight

Upon request, this is a link back to my post: What Pilate Said to Gaius. Ravi Zacharias read this in a sermon, and it is a powerful illustration. I did fix the link at the end: “read on” so you can click it to get to my copy of the manuscript. I did find after …

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A Noble Lie

Ravi Zacharias quoted an article by George Cornell who wrote for the Houston Post July 27, 1991 an article called “Philosopher Says the World Desperately Needs a Nobel Lie.” In this article Cornell cites Loyal D. Rue a professor from Luther College. Ravi reads the following Cornell citing of Rue speaking to The American Association …

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"What Pilate Said to Gaius"

Those of you who listen to Ravi Zacharias regularly might recognize this. This is unattributed; but from what I know it’s a portion of an old sermon called “What Pilate Said to Gaius.” We all will do well to remember that Christ’s birth was merely the precursor to his death, the real gift. I hope …

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