Quotable: N.T. Wright

“In your country, for example, there seem to be Christian political forces saying that you shouldn’t have a national healthcare system. To us, in Britain, this is virtually unthinkable. Every other developed country from Norway to New Zealand has healthcare for all of its citizens. We don’t understand all of this opposition to it here in the U.S.”

N.T. Wright

I am not trying to make an explicit political point about health care or Obama. But it should make on pause when someone positioned like Wright says the argument against universal healthcare is incomprehensible to him. This should, at the very least, cause us consider if we are not perhaps being a bit hasty in our conclusions. Why again is universal health care a bad idea? (comments welcome)

“The Epidemonology of Men Without Ombilical Chords of Mystic Memory”, Gagdad Bob

This is thought provoking:

“As Polanyi pointed out that what distinguishes Leftism in all its forms is the combination of contempt for traditional moral values with an unbounded moral passion for utopian perfection. The first step in this process is a complete skepticism that rejects traditional ideals of moral authority and transcendent moral obligation — a complete materialistic skepticism combined with a boundless, utopian moral fervour to transform mankind.”


Politics are in some ways irreversibly broken by our educational system. To be in power one must have an incredible breadth of economic, historical, sociological and moral knowledge. True experts in any of these subjects don’t get involved because they are specialists who fear overstepping their expertise. The majority of politicians are experts in pragmatism, i.e. lawyers.