Lamentations 4:8-14

Humiliated, they now vaunt black visage, sooty features grimace, Not recognized in the streets, shriveled tree-bark skin shrouds bones It is fortunate to have died, better to be violated by the sword than by hunger Wasting slowly, pierced by pangs of the fruitless wasted fields Juicy morsels of children have grimed the compassionate fingers of …

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Lamentations 4:1-7

Awe-full aurum has lost its glittering gold, even perfect gold is dimmed Abandoned jewels lie scattered in the crossings of the streets Boys, the sons of Zion, its true treasure of gold Are like scattered shards, littered broken pottery, fashioned then destroyed Crazed and cruel we have become, like Ostriches choosing children to live Even …

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Lamentations 3:37-66

Men’s mouths assert their power to will; all fail but the Mouth of the Lord, when it speaks, so it is, both good and bad May mere men moan, when weak sons of Adam suffer for their sins? No, we must examine our ways, test them, and from this dust Now raise our hearts and …

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