Dead Right by Phil Johnson

This is a great article by Phil Johnson on the failure of fundamentalism. Both sides of the battle have failed to some degree. That’s not the point. The point is his criticisms are right on. A sample: Now, you might think that a movement that was devoted to making a defense of fundamental doctrines would …

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Spurgeon on Humility

Spurgeon on Humility Oh! man, learn to reject pride, seeing that thou hast no reason for it; whatever thou art, thou hast nothing to make thee proud. The more thou hast, the more thou art in debt to God; and thou shouldst not be proud of that which renders thee a debtor. But, beloved, humility …

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Why "the Emerging Conversation" is Going Nowhere

From Pyromaniacs, by Phil Johnson Simply put, the so-called “Emerging Church” has no way to fend off heresy. The movement itself grew out of postmodern presuppositions about truth and assurance that make any kind of vigorous, biblical defense of the faith impossible. Scan the Emerging neighborhoods in the blogosphere, and you’ll see profoundly disturbing doctrinal …

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