Pierre Charron on “The duty of Parents and Children”

From Pierre Charron’s “On Wisdome,” (1601) translated by Samson Lennard (1612), pg. 437-437 The duty of Parents and Children is reciprocall, and reciprocally naturall : if that of children be more strait, that of Parents is more ancient, parents being the first authours and cause, and more important to a Common-weal : for to people …

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Laughter and Parenting

Yesterday, I read a provocative article by Roger Scruton entitled “Forgiveness and Irony: What makes the West strong.”¬†Agree or disagree, it is worth a read on its own merits. But I was struck by one particular quote that starting me thinking: “People inoculated by the culture of repudiation, reluctant to acknowledge the search for meaning …

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