The Death of Narrative

Once upon a time, the whole world found its meaning in stories, in myths with religious significance that told them what was true, who to listen to and how to operate. These stories claimed to explain history, but really privileged the voices of a powerful few. Ordinary people uncritically accepted this these ‘fairy tales’ as …

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Don’t Skip the Bad Parts

John Dyer, an acquaintance from my time at DTS, just posted a conversation with his son on Facebook. It’s worth noting: B: Daddy are there any movies without bad parts in them? J: What do you mean by ‘bad parts’? B: I don’t know. J: Like when Lightening McQueen gets lost and his car breaks? …

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“What’s the Story with ‘Story?'”, James K.A. Smith

The article sampled below from James K.A. Smith is worth reading. He is critiquing Alan Jacobs’s “Just-so Stories.” I have a stake in this debate especially because the proposed topic of my PhD research has to do with Ricoeur and “story.” I have to say, I think that this article is a good example of …

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