All Glory Be to Christ

Should nothing of our efforts standNo legacy surviveUnless the Lord does raise the houseIn vain its builders strive To you who boast tomorrow’s gainTell me what is your lifeA mist that vanishes at dawnAll glory be to Christ! All glory be to Christ our king!All glory be to Christ!His rule and reign we’ll ever sing,All …

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Boethius on Music as Anesthetic

Boethius’ The Consolations of Philosophy contains a dialogue wherein Philosophy, like a physician, seeks to cure Boethius’ soul from its malady brought on by his decrease in fortune. He is imprisoned, soon to be executed for treason on spurious charges arising from his concern for the dignity of the senate. Philosophy utilizes what she calls “some …

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“News from the real world!”

Felicia: And I remain unmoved by your prophetic dooming and damning. We’re not decadent, as you imply. We’re just into our feelings. Socrates: Feeling-fondling? Is not auto-eroticism a form of decadence? Felicia: What is your music into, Socrates? Socrates: If you mean what is it about, it is about its source, the Muses. It is …

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