“Cultures Cultivate” – Key Meyers

Cultures cultivate; a culture is more like an ecosystem than a supermarket. And human persons, as encultured creatures, are generally less like independent rationally choosing shoppers than like organisms whose environment predisposes a certain set of attitudes and actions. Cultures cultivate—not that our activities are absolutely determined by cultural influences. We are rational beings, not …

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Quotable: Christian Smith

The majority of emerging adults . . . have great difficulty grasping the idea that a reality that is objective to their own awareness or construction of it may exist that could have a significant bearing on their lives. In philosophical terms, most emerging adults functionally (meaning how they actually think and act, regardless of …

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Mars Hill Audio Book Recommendations

This could easily develop into a bit of an obsession for me, but I was just testing out a few of the bonus interviews on Mars Hill Audio and was really interested by all the subject matter. It’s all cultural observations from people who have a difficult time choosing the right words like me. You’ll …

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