Charles Hodge’s Criticism of Jonathan Edwards

“First, the word will itself is one of those ambiguous terms. It is sometimes used in a wide sense, so as to include all the desires, affections, and even emotions. It has this comprehensive sense when all the faculties of the soul are said to be included under the two categories of understanding and will. Everything, therefore, …

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Edwards on Passions and Affections

There is an oft-cited explanation that Edwards gives toward the beginning of Religious Affections. The affections and passions are frequently spoken of as the same; and yet in the more common use of speech, there is in some respect a difference; and affection is a word that in its ordinary signification, seems to be something …

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Mountains, Mark Lopez SODT :: MOUNTAINS from Mark Lopez on Vimeo. Mark Lopez from my small group put this together with some footage from the Smokey Mountains. See his website here. I love to see Christians who are expressing their theology in the arts. This is a first of many (hopefully) in the series ‘Shadows of Divine …

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