The Church, Machen

Is there no refuge from strife? Is there no place of refreshing where a man can prepare for the battle of life? Is there no place where two or three can gatherin Jesus’ name, to forget for a moment all those things that divide nation from nation and race from race, to forget human pride, …

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Machen: "Christianity and Culture"

Link to Machen in the Princeton Theological Review Let her [the church] give up the scientific education of her ministry. Let her assume the truth of her message and learn simply how it may be applied in detail to modern industrial and social conditions. Let her give up the laborious study of Greek and Hebrew. …

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Machen’s Response to Wilhelm Herrmann

The first time that I heard Herrmann may almost be described as an epoch in my life. Such an overpowering personality I think I almost never before encountered—overpowering in the sincerity of religious devotion … My chief feeling with reference to him is already one of the deepest reverence … I have been thrown all …

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