Lift Up Thy Bleeding Hand

Lift Up Thy Bleeding Hand

1. When wounded sore, the stricken heart
Lies bleeding and unbound,
One only hand, a pierced hand,
Can salve the sinner’s wound.

2. When sorrow swells the laden breast,
And tears of anguish flow,
One only heart, a broken heart,
Can feel the sinner’s woe.

Lift up Thy bleeding hand, O Lord,
Unseal that cleansing tide;
We have no shelter from our sin
But in Thy wounded side.

3. When penitential grief has wept
O’er some foul dark spot,
One only stream, a stream of blood,
Can wash away the blot.

4. ‘Tis Jesus’ blood that washes white,
His hand that brings relief,
His heart that’s touched with all our joys,
And feels for all our grief.


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Hymns of treasuring Christ

Bernard of Clairvaux

Jesus, Thou Joy of loving hearts, Thou Fount of life, Thou Light of men,
From the best bliss that earth imparts, we turn unfilled to Thee again.

Thy truth unchanged hath ever stood, Thou savest those that on Thee call;
To them that seek Thee, Thou art good, to them that find Thee, all in all.

We taste Thee, O Thou living Bread, and long to feast upon Thee still;
We drink of Thee, the Fountainhead, and thirst our souls from Thee to fill.

Our restless spirits yearn for Thee, where’er our changeful lot is cast:
Glad when Thy gracious smile we see, blest when our faith can hold Thee fast.

O Jesus, ever with us stay, make all our moments calm and bright;
Chase the dark night of sin away, shed o’er the world Thy holy light.

Bernard of Clairvaux (1091-1153)
He was one of the greatest men of the medieval church. He is said to be a brilliant debator, passionate preacher, and founder of the abbot of the respected monastery at Clairvaux in Northeastern France.

(Eskew, Harry and Hugh McElrath. Sing with Understanding. Church Street Press:Nashville, c 1995.)

Hymns of treasuring Christ

I would like to post some uplifting hymn texts periodically. Most of these are older hymns.
This is the first.

Jesus Priceless Treasure
Johann Franck (1618-1677)

Jesus, priceless treasure, source of purest pleasure, truest friend to me:
Long my heart hath panted, ‘til it well-nigh fainted, thirsting after Thee.
Thine I am, O spotless Lamb, I will suffer nought to hide Thee, ask for naught beside Thee.

In Thy strength I rest me; foes who would molest me cannot reach me here.
Though the earth be shaking, every heart be quaking, God dispels our fear.
Sin and hell in conflict fell with their heaviest storms assail us: Jesus will not fail us.

Banished is our sadness! For the Lord of gladness, Jesus, enters in.
Those who love the Father, tho’ the storms may gather, still have peace within.
Yea, whate’er we here must bear, still in Thee lies purest pleasure, Jesus, priceless treasure!

written in the midst of the Thirty Years’ War

Eskew, Harry and Hugh McElrath. Sing with Understanding. Church Street Press, c.1995