Reflections on Psalm 140

Ps 1401 Rescue me, LORD, from evil men.Keep me safe from violent men2 who plan evil in their hearts.They stir up wars all day long.3 They make their tonguesas sharp as a snake’s bite;viper’s venom is under their lips. Throughout the chapter these evil men are called violent and slanderers. It is their thoughts, words, …

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Lamentations 5:12-22

Princes they hung by their hands, respect they stripped from the elders Young men rattle the millstone, boys stagger under their loads Wise elders have abandoned the gates, young men quit their songs Our hearts have abandoned their joy, our bodies that danced now mourn The crown has crashed from our head, woe to us, …

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Lamentations 5:1-11

Lord, remember what has happened to us; look at us; see our disgrace Our possessions were given to strangers, our homes to squatters We are fatherless, orphans, our mothers are widows We pay for our water, and also our wood to heat and to eat We are constantly exploited, we are weary without rest We’ve …

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