“Practice the Incarnation”

Practice the Incarnation In The Brothers Karamazov, Ivan Karamazov expresses his simple view of acceptance of God. He says, “And so I accept God and am glad to. And what’s more I accept his wisdom, his purpose which are utterly beyond our kin. I believe in the underlying order and the meaning of life. I believe in …

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Quotable: Ivan Karamazov

“I understand nothing,” Ivan went on, as though in delirium. “I don’t want to understand anything now. I want to stick to the fact. I made up my mind long ago not to understand. If I try to understand anything, I shall be false to the fact, and I have determined to stick to the …

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Quotable, The Brothers Karamazov

What’s strange, what would be marvelous is not the God should really exist. The marvel is that such an idea, the idea of the necessity of God could enter the head of such a savage, vicious beast as man. So holy it is, so touching, so wise, and so great a credit it does to …

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