Comedians on the Meaning of Life

A conversation between Jerry Seinfeld and Colin Quinn found here: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee JS: I do that joke, they say life’s too short. I say it’s too long. There’s something to that. . . . Do you think that this is how life ends, that you really just go, “it’s enough. I’ve had …

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Leeds on Finance: Imaginary Trust Funds

For the past two weeks, I had been preparing a bombshell to drop on Jenny. I had spent a lot of time meeting with accountants to put the information together. On Friday, I finally worked up the nerve and I sat her down to break the news. As best as I remember it, I said, …

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When Philosophers Tell Jokes

Suppose that someone tells the following story: An Indian at an Englishman’s table in Surat saw a bottle of ale opened, and all the beer turned into froth and flowing out. The repeated exclamations of the Indian showed great astonishment. ‘Well, what is so wonderful in that?’ asked the Englishman. ‘Oh, I’m not surprised myself,’ …

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