Life’s been a blur the last two weeks so just a couple of links to peek your interest. First (ht: Between Two Worlds)Darrell Bock, NT professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, has begun a series of blog posts on the Emergent/emerging church movement. If you’re interested in such things, you may want to keep an eye …

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Sage Advice

In 1945 C. S. Lewis was invited to address an assembly of Welsh Anglican priests and youth leaders on the topic of Christian apologetics.1 After humbly confessing that, as a layman, he had “little right to address either,”2 he went on offer his thoughts on the primary task of apologetics in the British Isles at …

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Mere Amateurs

As I read No Place For Truth by David Wells I see that the state of fundamentalism is vastly different than that of evangelicalism. It’s en vogue for a young man to be critical of fundamentalism in the spirit of “self criticism.” Self criticism of this nature seems to quickly reveal what really is in …

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