Ludwik Fleck on “thought collectives”

From the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: A thought collective is defined by Fleck as a community of persons mutually exchanging ideas or maintaining intellectual interaction (1935a, II.4). Members of that collective not only adopt certain ways of perceiving and thinking, but they also continually transform it—and this transformation does occur not so much “in their …

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Descartes’ Discourse on Method

Descartes’ Discourse on Method, Clearly and Distinctly Summarized Content Once upon a time in a century not too distant from our own, there lived a man named René Descartes who put forward his “paths” to knowing as if in a “fable” encouraging men to follow his trail. This Descartes lived in a world where all …

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Richard Mouw: Who knows him better?

Preaching at TEDS, Dr. Richard Mouw gives an illuminating illustration warning about the dangers of pietism. He recounts a oft repeated illustration about knowing Abraham Lincoln. I’ve reproduced it as he gave it below. Imagine a professor at Harvard University who knows everything there is to know from the public record about the life and career …

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