All Things But Loss

What Amy was talking about… What have been the eras of the Church’s greatest influence? What have been the moments of its most powerful impact on the world? Not the epochs of its visible might and splendor; not the age succeeding Constantine, when Christianity became imperialistic, and all the kingdoms of the world and the …

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Confrontation, Not Tactics

David Wells explains the problem with undiscerning adaptation. Seeing how this spiritual search is both contemporary and ancient is really the key to understanding how to think about it from a Christian point of view. To put the matter succinctly: those who see only the contemporaneity of this spirituality — and who, typically, yearn to …

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Mixed Metaphors?

Zach, if you have time, I’d like your feedback on this one. In Chapter V of Above All Earthly Powers by David Wells, he mentions a metaphor he cites from Robert Wuthnow. Wuthnow is talking about postmodern spirituality and how it views its spiritual progress as a “journey” with no established end. He compares that …

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