D.A. Carson on Postmoderns

“Although the comparison of elephant and ants is helpful at one level, it overlooks the fact that in this case the ants have been made in the image of the elephant, and this elephant has not only communicated with the ants in the ant-language, but has also, in the person of his Son, become an …

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Christ and Culture Revisted

These biblical guidelines make for a worldview that is sharply distinguishable from the worldviews around us, even where there are overlapping values. We cannot embrace unrestrained secularism; democracy is not God; freedom can be another word for rebellion; the lust for power, as universal as it is, must be viewed with more than a little …

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Derek Thomas with D.A. Carson

ht: paleoevangelicalSnippet: Interview, Derek Thomas and DA Carson DT: Why don’t you like the terminology of “redeeming the culture”? DC: Redemption terminology in the NT is so bound up with Christ’s work for and in the church that to extend it to whatever good we do in the broader world risks a shift in focus. …

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