Trapped in Neverland

I waste a lot of time reading a lot of different stuff when I should be reading more from Carl Trueman. This is a great article, an apt warning. Today is so different. If the poverty and hard work of my grandfather’s era left men middle-aged at thirty, the ease and trivia of today’s society …

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Trueman on Barth

Anyone know what he means here? And I have yet to see Barthian preaching fill a church (there is an irony that Barthian preaching, with its `dynamic’ God is so often bland, while the `static’ God of fundamentalism (according to the Barthian critique) has generated some of the most dynamic preaching the world has ever …

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Carl Truman: ‘Am I Bovvered’

When some stranger takes exception to something I’ve written and emails me to tell me I am an idiot or a child abuser, it hurts. When my kids tell me I’m not a good father, it hurts. When my wife tells me I’ve let her down at times, it hurts. The claims may be referentially …

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