The Complicated Psychology of Augustine

Complicated Psychology of Augustine, City of God, XIV.9:   Yes. “But so long as we wear the infirmity of this life, we are rather worse men than better if we have none of these emotions at all. For the apostle vituperated and abominated some who, as he said, were “without natural affection. ” [713] The …

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Augustine on Christian Perfection

These passages from Augustine came up in our recent discussion of John Wesley’s ideas of perfectionism. Augustine, On Nature and Grace Chapter 68 “If, therefore, we feel rightly on this matter, it is our duty at once to be thankful for what is already healed within us, and to pray for such further healing as …

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Augustine: on Faith

“From now on I began to prefer the Catholic teaching. The Church demanded that certain things should be believed though they could not be proved, for if they could be proved, not all men could understand the proof, and some could not be proved at all. I thought that the Church was entirely honest in …

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