Aquinas’s Logic of Temptation

This is useful for understanding the relation of body and soul in Aquinas for several reasons. First, the spiritual governs the corporeal, so temptation comes through the body. Second, the movements of appetite make perception more acute, or the body prepares the soul’s cognition. Third, imagination produces appetite, or the soul prepares the body, at …

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A Letter from Carl Jung to Bill Wilson (Bill W.)

The following was written by the famous psychologist, Carl Jung to “Bill W.”, founder of alcoholics anonymous. Kent Dunnington takes up this thread in his Addiction and Virtue and compares addiction to misplaced charitas, citing Aquinas that there is one way in which we are not finite, “we have unlimited desire.” (Paul Wadell, The Primacy of Love, 61.) Dear Mr. …

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Aquinas on Reason

[2] There is a twofold mode of truth in what we profess about God. Some truths about God exceed all the ability of the human reason. Such is the truth that God is triune. But there are some truths which the natural reason also is able to reach. Such are that God exists, that He …

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