Web-log: March 6, 2017

The Week Past

It’s been quite a week. Since I last posted I’ve been to Houston where I was able to spend time with a number of really good scholars, who as it turns out happen to be really generous and gracious people too. In particular Craig Bartholomew was really encouraging. My talk with him stimulated me writing this lament about the loneliness of aspirations to working in academia in this market. If I reflect on the conference, it is precisely the reason I want so badly to be gainfully employed in academia. I enjoyed it as “guest.”

I won’t get into all other reasons it was a turbulent week, other than to say we used the industrial strength hydrogen peroxide wipes all over the house the last few days (curse you norovirus).

The Set Up

I’m again at The Corner Bakery for middling coffee and eggs. The secret to their eggs is apparently too much pepper.

The Plan

Today I need to try to get the Spring book reviews finished. I have one job to do. That should make it simple, but editing is variable. If everyone were as smoothly proficient as Josh Jipp, this job would be unnecessary. But, not everyone is. Nothing teaches you to write like having to make sense of bad writing for publication. I’m storing this away for when I’m teaching again–today’s assignment, rescue this mess for publication.

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