Web-log: February 21, 2017

I sat in the car this morning waiting for a carpooler with the windows open feeling the warm breeze of a very uncommon February morning. A 57º morning breeze was part of God’s mercies today.


I spent several hours in the morning reconfiguring a section on “the passions of the will.” As I got into it a bit, I recognized that there were several questions on which I still not clear. One thing led to another, and I found myself reading for a third time Ian Drummond’s dissertation on John Duns Scotus and taking more detailed notes than I had yet. This is exactly the sort of side-stepping that most frustrates me in the process, especially since I know that my supervisor will probably tell me to cut my analysis in half. So, why did I need to know those answers if they eventually will be footnoted? My own internal standards. In the end, I wrote about 500 words, but spent most of the day taking, reviewing and organizing notes. Organizing notes is the most unsatisfying task I do; it is surprisingly mentally taxing.

The Set Up

img_6044I am currently sitting down in the Peterson wing of TEDS right next to the Trinity Journal bookcase (keys dangling in picture). I have no coffee–a grave error in planning. But I do have quiet and no mice scurrying around my feet. One of my best stories from my time at TEDS will be the time Dr. Carson offered to lend me his mouse trap. Also, the window is open because it is always 700 degrees in here. Morning track: Matthew Perryman Jones, “Cold Answer.” I make these trips to TEDS for three reasons: (1) I have responsibilities with the Trinity Journal to log books and to source reviews, not to mention to edit them; (2) I need regular contact with good friends; (3) the library makes me return books (a massive frustration).

The Plan

Today, I have to take up the two goals I had yesterday again, except with the added task of logging in two books for the journal and trying to get three reviews sourced. I’ll try to tackle those two things right away, and then get to the dissertation. Goals redux:

  1. Trinity Journal: log books and source reviews
  2. Finish the section on the Scotus and the passions in the dissertation
  3. Outline Allen and Swain’s Reformed Catholicity


2 thoughts on “Web-log: February 21, 2017”

  1. Sounds like you’re working hard, Babe.😊 Wish I were working next to you- I would have brought your weary soul some coffee and the lunch I packed that you left in the fridge.😆 Maybe someone will have pity on you and feed you?

  2. Leaving your lunch was very common, I’m sure he has his baseball mitt:) praying for you today.

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