Lamentations, 1:13-22

My bones burn with his heavenly fire—he sent
He set a snare too for my feet and turned me back on it
He left me appallingly desolate all the day
All the day he left me faint, wan, ill

Noose-like, my sins wrapp’d ‘round my neck
Trussed and cinched by his own hand, fixed
I staggered, my strength ragged, in tatters
And my Lord handed me to those I can’t repel

Our warriors my Lord heaped up—in our midst
He called an assembly against us to shatter our young men
My Lord has stomped the grapes
The virgin daughter of Judah bleeds red

Pitifully I weep; there are tears in things
My eyes are a river flowing with deep waters
For far away is anyone to comfort, to revive my soul
My sons are abandoned, decaying, where my enemy prevailed

Ruined Zion opens her arms, but with no one to embrace
YHWH has issued a verdict against Jacob
Converting near neighbors into fierce enemies
Beloved lady Jerusalem has become filthy, grotesque to them

Surely God is right—can I believe it?
For I rebelled his commands—how I feel it!
But please! Listen! All people! Look on my woe!
My daughters and sons have walked away into captivity

Tenderly I had called for my lovers
And they deceived me—they delusions of dreams
My holy priests and honored elders perished within the city
Having scoured for food, for life—delusion of a dream

Upon my distress, please Lord look
My heart turns; my belly boils—how defiant was I!
Outside the sword maims, claims, bereaves
Inside the house is silent expectation of death

Why is there no one to comfort me? When they have heard my groan!
My enemies have heard of my woe, and rejoice
Bring on them the day you promised
That they may be like me.

Yea, bring all their wickedness before you, publish it!
Run your scythe through them as you have with me
You have done it, because of my rebellion
My groans are unceasing; my heart is crushed

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