Lamentations, in installments

Alas, she sits alone
She a city, once great with people
She a great woman among the goyim
She a princess among the provinces
She, reduced to the yoke

Bitterly, she weeps the night through
Her tears run along her jaw
She has no solace from all her lovers
From all her friends she reaps betrayal
They’ve become to her, enemies.

Carried to exile and crushed with affliction
Judah, she likewise sits among the nations
She has found no rest
All her pursuers overrun her in the narrows

Dismal mourning steeps the steps to Zion
For no steps track to the place of meeting
All her gates are desolate, her priests groan
Her virgins forced, she wasted with gall

Enemies at ease have brought her low
For YHWH smites her for her defiance
Her children walked lightly the path to captivity
Before the faces of careful foes

From the daughter of Zion, all glory is gone out
Her princes are does, driven out of pasture
Her princes went feebly to nowhere
Before the faces of vigorous pursuit

Lamentations 1.1-6

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