Why I’m not Getting a Kindle

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After emailing Amazon about [the lack of page numbers], and, like the previous poster, getting no response, I called. I could not believe the arrogance of Amazon’s position on this issue. The customer service representative I spoke with was very argumentative and held firm to the position that academia should “catch up with technology” and Amazon has no responsibility to address the page number issue because page numbers are antiquated. Her response to my concern was inappropriate–I definitely touched a nerve–and also indicated that she had heard this complaint before (probably multiple times). I think Amazon knows all too well about this issue and it doesn’t matter to them that they are alienating perhaps the most lucrative market (the academics) they could possible tap in to. If they want to just gear toward causal readers, that’s fine I suppose, but it’s unfortunate for us and ultimately for them too. I really hope they reconsider their position–the technology is amazing, but the way they are administering it just doesn’t work for me.

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