"Sitting on the Q"

Stolen from my sister’s blog: From Our Backyards

It’s been said before that kindergarten is just a little microcosm of the real world (“all I really needed to know I learned in kindergarten…”). Well, this week things are really falling apart for my kindergartener. Up to this point, my son had been sitting on the “T” of the big rectangular kindergarten carpet (for large group and story time, etc.). I guess the teacher decided to change the seating arrangement and now he is sitting on the “Q”. This is a horrible thing because each letter also has a picture next to it, and Q has a queen. Queens, of course, are the very last thing that six-year-old boys want to sit on or next to. His little world has simply fallen apart! My first response was a desire to call the teacher and ask her to put a girl on the “Q”. My husband is much wiser than I. Will admitted that it isn’t very fun for a boy to have to sit on the “Q”, but he pointed out to our son that God was in control when He allowed our son to be put on the “Q”. My boy’s job now is to love whoever sits on the “P” and the “R”.

– Amy Hatfield

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