A Voice We Should Listen To

I’m always looking for voices that I feel like I should listen to. It seems like there are certain men who are blessed with an inordinate amount of wisdom. I always try to take notice of these men and listen when they speak. Most often these men are not the ones who are being heard. The ones who are being heard are often the most extravagant or the loudest. Success has a way of bringing one’s voice to the fore. And often it is wise to listen to those who are successful. But in our culture of rampant pragmatism it is also wise to understand “success” should not always be our highest ideal. And those who are successful are not axiomatically the ones we should listen to. One example of a man I listen to is Carl Trueman. Just about everything he writes I come away thinking – “that was right on.” Another one: Paul Hartog. You need to read and listen to this entry by Dr. Hartog. I love his “prophetic-evangelic” model. There may be some slight differences between us in how we carry out this vision practically. But “this is right on.”

– One caveat I might add to this article. I do think the “evangelic” aspect of this vision involves more than words. Dr. Hartog says,

Therefore, the ambassador of Christ must understand the receptor culture in which he or she ministers. As an incontrovertible example, Christian heralds must master the language of their hearers, and culture is tightly interwoven with human language.

I may be interpreting him somewhat uncharitably here, but it seems as though the need to connect on a deeper level than language is overlooked. It is also true that our deeds themselves (how we live among our neighbors) must create a bridge for the evangel (Matt 5:16 for example: “In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.”)
– Also I hope you can ignore the ridiculous picture of Jesus on the red carpet. I see nothing about glamorizing the gospel in this article. This obviously was not his title.

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