Why I Love the Movie Bella

The other movement of human life [in the Psalms] is the surprising move from disorientation to a new orientation that is quite unlike the old status quo. This is not an automatic movement that can be presumed upon or predicted. Nor is it a return to the old form, a return to normalcy as though nothing had happened. It is rather ‘all things new.’ And when it happens, it is always a surprise, always a gift of graciousness, and always an experience that evokes gratitude.”

Walter Brueggemann, Praying the Psalms, pg. 11

This is why I love the movie Bella (not to mention his sweet beard). Tammy Blanchard’s character experiences the pain and disorientation that is brought about by sin. Eduardo Verástegui’s character knows of this pain and disorientation all too poignantly. He, as the Messiah figure, steps in not to turn her life back to status quo, but to take upon himself that pain and disorientation and make possible this ‘all things new’ type of moment you have at the end of the movie. The pain has not been avoided or reversed, but absorbed by Verástegui, to create the opportunity for them to share this perfect moment on the beach in the end. If you’ve not seen the movie, it’s a must watch.

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