"Harmony of intellect, emotion, and reform",

The average unbeliever today is unlikely to have the impression that to be a thinking person, it is unreasonable to be fettered by religious dogma, especially by the Bible. But it is important that we recognize that this perception is due in part to our having accepted the divorce between the heart and mind–a divorce which the Puritans, like the Reformers before them, refused to recognize. It is difficult for us to appreciate the harmony of intellect, emotion, and reform that Reformation Christianity enjoyed. Thoughts had inspired Reformers and Puritans, shaping their outlook, affections, and activities in the community. ‘My heart is stirred by a noble theme,’ sang the psalmist. Great thoughts produced great emotions and both created motivation for reform in the surrounding world.

(Made in America, by Michael Horton, pg. 22)

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