Hyper-egalitarianism and Seminary

iThe White Horse Inn recently talked about the concept of Hyper-egalitarianism. The concept sparked a thought in me concerning a often asked question I get with regard to the value of seminary.

It seems one of the strongest implications of post-modernism is that all views have equal validity. To disparage someone’s view on a particular matter is extremely rude and even immoral. There are no experts. Everyone has as much authority as everyone else. Cue the blogs and forums. On a personal level this has been discouraging for me. What this idea has meant for me is that when I read something and try to understand it, if after hours, days, or weeks of seeking understanding, if I don’t yet get it then I despair. I’ve grown up in a society where knowledge rises and falls on me. For me, to not have an answer is to deny the existence of that answer. Yet, it may be that I just haven’t studied hard enough. It may be that I need an expert, perhaps a seminary graduate?

Any thoughts?

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