Timothy Gombis on NPP

Take some time to read the comments on this. From the paper it is clear he doesn’t believe in imputation and seems rather positive about the New Perspective on Paul. But interestingly he does believe we are appropriated with Christ righteousness by way of our union with Christ. I haven’t thought my way through all the implications of this, what do you think? Any takers?

From the comments:

Strictly speaking, I nowhere state that “righteousness flows from Christ.” I would agree that such wording is a bit slippery and very unhelpful, to say the least.

I DO say that “justification flows from our union with Christ.” But I don’t envision any flowing or anything going on here. I could also say, justification is “grounded upon” our union with Christ, our absolute and present full and complete possession of the righteousness of Christ that is ours by virtue of our absolute union with Him so that there’s no distinction between where He ends and I begin. In Paul’s words, my life is hidden in/with Christ in/with God.”

I’m very emphatic on this and I completely reject anything resembling an infusion view. Believers presently possess righteousness, it is our full possession, not in a partial measure based on our works, but our FULL possession based on God’s grace in Christ.

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